New project

2008-08-14 07:32:08 by Fantomass

a new project is about to get started (it's about time - I've been quiet for almost a year!) called "Banana-Man". I got this idea 2 years ago, at first I wanted to draw a comic, but then like who's gonna read it? So I decided for a flash movie and comic book synthesis - and finally a month ago actually drew something in flash. Right now project's in very early stage, I don't want to give away any plot details (1. if there will be one, 2. right now it would sound silly) but I hope to get my hands on graphics tablet soon and start to work! For now I present you an early draft of how would the main character look like.

New project

Happy New Year

2007-12-30 03:58:05 by Fantomass

I just wanted to wish a HAPPY NEW YEAR to NG's community - I believe we will someday become the greatest force in the universe and we'll take over control of the world. Maybe.

Here's a little holiday card from me - it actually says "Merry Christmass" but, what the hell - I wish them too :D !

Happy New Year

Happy Halloween!

2007-10-31 15:01:32 by Fantomass

I wanted to wish you all very happy Halloween!
As my greeting you can watch mine and mate BigBriedis's new movie, "Halloweeathefuck?". It's about relationship between father and son.

Our english teacher (he's American from Illinois state) told us about Halloween that people dressed up like they did because to hide from their evil ancestors' ghosts, who would came back in Halloween time and threaten them.
Well, that's is interesting, because in Latvia, where I live, our ancestors also believed that ghosts of dead people came back to our world in this time, but they wouldn't be scared hide from them, but put food and drinks on tables at night, so that the ghosts could eat and be pleased and won't do bad things. So, Latvians are cool :D Of course now we don't do that, but this time is still called "velu laiks" - in English something like "ghost time".
But of course now Halloween is just having fun and for some people earning teh big ca$h!

Happy Madness Day!

2007-09-22 17:09:10 by Fantomass

Wanted to wish you all happy Madness Day and to tell you about my submission: "Madness: Project 1337".
As all things I do, everything had to be done in the last days. Thank God, BigBriedis agreed to help me and made a big part of the movie.
The film tells about agent called Mr. Agent (yes, very original - but that's not his real name of course), who works for an agency (which boss can bee seen in the opening of the movie) and do whatever is told, but sometimes does a little overwork - you know what I mean. Everyone know it, everyone fear it. In this movie he fights against organisation called "Project 1337", which is doing wierd things behind the thick walls of their headquarters. What? Watch the movie! :D

So, a little promote post for the movie. Hope, you'll like it. Happy Madness Day!
One more thing - the madness skin for NG is great!