Entry #1

Happy Madness Day!

2007-09-22 17:09:10 by Fantomass

Wanted to wish you all happy Madness Day and to tell you about my submission: "Madness: Project 1337".
As all things I do, everything had to be done in the last days. Thank God, BigBriedis agreed to help me and made a big part of the movie.
The film tells about agent called Mr. Agent (yes, very original - but that's not his real name of course), who works for an agency (which boss can bee seen in the opening of the movie) and do whatever is told, but sometimes does a little overwork - you know what I mean. Everyone know it, everyone fear it. In this movie he fights against organisation called "Project 1337", which is doing wierd things behind the thick walls of their headquarters. What? Watch the movie! :D

So, a little promote post for the movie. Hope, you'll like it. Happy Madness Day!
One more thing - the madness skin for NG is great!


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2007-09-22 19:40:30

Rintet! Rintet! Pust-entreblet encour ashiot rintet!

Fantomass responds:

I didn't get the message :P


2007-10-07 14:59:06

I love your flash!
I can't wait to see what you can do in the future!

Fantomass responds:

Wow, thanks! I hope it will be the halloween movie, if I'll have enough time, but school and orchestra is taking very much.