Happy Halloween!

2007-10-31 15:01:32 by Fantomass

I wanted to wish you all very happy Halloween!
As my greeting you can watch mine and mate BigBriedis's new movie, "Halloweeathefuck?". It's about relationship between father and son.

Our english teacher (he's American from Illinois state) told us about Halloween that people dressed up like they did because to hide from their evil ancestors' ghosts, who would came back in Halloween time and threaten them.
Well, that's is interesting, because in Latvia, where I live, our ancestors also believed that ghosts of dead people came back to our world in this time, but they wouldn't be scared hide from them, but put food and drinks on tables at night, so that the ghosts could eat and be pleased and won't do bad things. So, Latvians are cool :D Of course now we don't do that, but this time is still called "velu laiks" - in English something like "ghost time".
But of course now Halloween is just having fun and for some people earning teh big ca$h!


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2007-10-31 15:58:31

Nice! Now all know about our weird traditions :D


2007-11-04 13:58:46

Cool movie :D
Cool website :D
Yay Latvia! :D


2007-12-29 18:14:32

u sed dat latvians r kewl. i dont think so! hey, no offense - im latvian!! so dont remind me of dat. wait - LATVIAN PPL r kewl! wot i wuz ment 2 say is dat LATVIA aint kewl. u no wot im talkin aboot! politics, safety and of course - THOSE GOD DAMN RUSSIANS!!!!!!!!!! y wont they go back where dey god damn came from!! soz im expressin my feelings ere but it's REAL HARD 2 find any latvians on NG! yea - pure latvians r kool!

once again im sorry i expressed my feeling ere.

and here's sum advice to Fantomass - 'keep on tha amazing job!'


Fantomass responds:

Don't blame the whole nation just because of some stupid "specimens" (you know - urlas :D ). I think, an average Russian is as good/bad as average Latvian.