Entry #4

New project

2008-08-14 07:32:08 by Fantomass

a new project is about to get started (it's about time - I've been quiet for almost a year!) called "Banana-Man". I got this idea 2 years ago, at first I wanted to draw a comic, but then like who's gonna read it? So I decided for a flash movie and comic book synthesis - and finally a month ago actually drew something in flash. Right now project's in very early stage, I don't want to give away any plot details (1. if there will be one, 2. right now it would sound silly) but I hope to get my hands on graphics tablet soon and start to work! For now I present you an early draft of how would the main character look like.

New project


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2008-12-06 20:28:43

Neslikti, tik tie%u0161%u0101m sen neko n%u0113smu no tevis redz%u0113jis, bet ceru, ka banana-man b%u016Bs patieisi labs un izdevies.
Vin%u0161 man nedaudz atg%u0101dina Burnt face man, p%u0113c sejas formas.


2010-06-21 09:49:51

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2013-05-29 17:16:29

I am a banana!